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"ehmahgerd GC co changé sumthin, me cant adapt" - 90% of the wow communityYou Pick the Commander!Marlon needs to make a new commander video, but he can’t decide what deck to use. So instead of forcing him to make an easy...Monnsteri’s Music Profile – Users at Last.fmMonnsteri’s top artists: HIM, Muse, A Day to Remember. . Favourite tags are awesome, beautiful. . Ehmahgerd 8 Jul 2012 ReplyMessage and Muse | Words on words in the world.. shifted so quickly, Yesterday’s hashtag, is today’s dictionary entry and tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper. Amazeballs. YOLO. FTW. Ehmahgerd. Elthur Island - Custom Terrain [65 SUB!] No ores Minecraft... The Minecraft Elthur Island - Custom Terrain [65 SUB!] No ores Project was contributed by kenniks. . Ehmahgerd Popular reel! o.oKrypta550Unari (Da Boogz) on deviantARTArt - community of artists and those devoted to art. . Ehmahgerd ALL MAH Highschool Mates.Rookie » All Work and Lots of Play. it at your nearest Barnes and Nobles. If there’s any way history and literature could be more fun (even to non-nerds!), it’s with those comics. Ehmahgerd!